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Artist Natan Dvir

When Natan first saw his his images printed in 50x70" by Polielettronica his instant comment was:

"Unbelievable! I never imagined this would be possible from my standard 35mm DSLR.

When I was presented with the opportunity to have my exhibition produced on the new Polielettronica Laser Printer I was quite skeptical. Receiving the prints I was blown away. I really did not believe this kind of quality to be possible from 35mm DSLR. It was old fashion photographic quality - times 10. The support I got from POLI-PRO-USA was unbelievable, and my exhibition a huge success.”
- Natan Dvir, 2011

Israeli born photojournalist Natan Dvir, working out of New York, is introducing cutting edge new technology when exhibiting his latest documentary images from Israel. A close collaboration with Polielettronica -USA has enabled Natan to exhibit his images using large 50x70” color prints with true 600dpi resolution. This new super high resolution provide previously unobtainable detail and photographic quality which, in the past have been available only to governments and the space industry.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Natan Dvir is writing world history when they for the first time ever exhibit life-size portraits with a resolution that exceeds that of the human eye. The new resolutions of 600 and 1200 dpi will create new possibilities for traditional silver-halide based photography that no one have ever envisioned.

Polielettronica S.P.A Italy is pushing the available technology to its limits when using lasers to put 1,830 million pixels – almost 2 gigabytes of date – on a single photograph in less than 30 seconds.

This massive computation requires liquid cooled computers and the factory is waiting for Intel and others to make technology available for the next step up to 1200 dpi (5,200 million pixels) for 50” wide prints.

The new 1200 dpi has been used successfully for now almost 2 years by governments, space agencies and private companies, such as the Oregon based company Imaged 3D, but only for formats up to 20” and 30” wide.
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